Live now

Circle Packing w/ Occo

Los Angeles, 21.08.17

Explorations in sounds that make you move and sounds that move you: from rattling jungle and D'n'B, to soothing folk and country, via acid house or classic disco. A soundscape wide enough to satisfy all.


  • Bob Chance
    Wild Is Broken
  • Captain Barkey
  • Cocoa Tea 
    My Elusive Dream
  • T++ 
    Space Pong
  • Tricky Disco
    Housefly (Radical Rockers Remix)
  • Ecstasy Club 
    Jesus Loves The Acid (Original 1988)
  • Box Bass
    Recession Time
  • Bass-O-Matic
    Bonus Paradise Mix
  • Shut Up And Dance 
    Autobiography Of A Crackhead
  • Edmundy 
  • SpeedyJ
    Ieee Mitten Menu (Mutt Mix)
  • Håkan Lidbo (Si Begg mix) 
    Clockwise (Si Begg Rmx)
  • Too Hard 4 You
    Playa Haters (VIP)
  • Underground Solution, Colour Girl 
    Tears (Underground Solution Vocal Mix)

  • God-Heart Records Promo
  • Potential Bad Boy 
    You Know Here
  • Breakbeat Era 
    Breakbeat Era (Full Length Mix)