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Jungle Fury Road Mix w/ Soeneido

Oakland, 24.08.23

I listen and play mostly Jungle/Drum n Bass and Breakbeat-Hardcore. So that's what I listen to in car most of the time. That said, these styles of music put me in the zone to drive. Jungle-Tekno is especially fun to play in the car at nightime - zooming around in the city like I'm in a video game like Ridge Racer or Grand Theft Auto. I got inspired to make a mix that centered around the idea of driving, video game racing, and travel in general. A lot of jungle and Drum n Bass music is science fiction themed - so you'll find a lot of analogies to space travel (like 'Warpdrive' by DJ Crystl, and my own tune 'Spacetime' by Soeneido). I also tried to pick tracks that had driving/traveling themes in their titles (like 'Traffic' by Swap Meet! and 'Fastlane' by Innercore). Hope this mix inspires fun travels both intergalactic and domestic. Please drive safely and responsibly =)

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