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Moving Interstices w/ N'kaes

Russange, 04.08.23

For these travelers, head resting on the train window, lulled by the engine. Trees cross the landscape, cutting the starlight to pieces.
Heading for nowhere, escaping everything: pixels, metallic screams, doubts. Thinking that the point of the interstices is to interrupt the interminable - in a surprising way. As if the best way to find yourself were to get lost.

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  • 0:00:15
  • 0:00:50
    Mazzy Star 
    Into Dust
  • 0:06:20
    La nuit
  • Radio Canada
    Interview Of Michel Butor 1960 (Spoken Words)
  • Jack J 
    Only You Know Why
  • Nu Genea 
    Bar Mediterraneo
  • Apiento
    The Hurts
  • Andrée Chedid
    Rythmes (Spoken Words By N'kaes)
  • Yagya 
    The Salt On Her Cheeks
  • Chaos In The CBD 
    Invisible Spectrum
  • Tour-Maubourg 
    La Révolte du Coeur
  • Hedonics
    Who Are They?
  • Seb Wildblood Ft. Lex Amor
    Night Ride
  • The Dining Rooms 
    Dreamy Smiles
  • Michael David Ft. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
    Here With You
  • Moussa Ft. Claire Laffut