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Never getting out of the bus w/ Skin Contact

Berlin, 06.08.23

As a kid taking the bus to school, I sometimes wished the journey would have lasted longer or never ended. I remember the pleasure of drifting, the transe of the landscape's repetitive patterns, the thrill of the potential drinking or drug experiences, the stupid jokes. Taking Matatus, the local city buses in Kenya, brings back these lost feelings. Inspired by them and their vibrant hip-hop, bouncy sound, I selected tracks to help stretch the journey or at least enjoy it while it lasts.

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  • Unknown Artist
    Mamba Grand Entry Messed Up By Opposite
  • Dynamo Dreesen Feat. DJ Sotofett 1 P.Gelberg
    Asis (Part 1)
  • Ethic
  • Joe Lentini
  • Terreke
  • Ebi 
    界 Kai
  • Ethic
  • Mbogi Genge
    Ngumi Mbwegze
  • Ethic
  • Errorsmith 
    Retired Low-level Internal Server
  • Ochungulo Family
    Liquor Store
  • The Pilowtwings
    C2 Brigade Des Moeurs
  • Esir
    Lyrical Tounge Twister
  • Slikback 
    Just I
  • SnP 500 
    Reduce Something
  • Daywalker & CF
    You Only Live Once
  • Sven Kacirek 
    Turkey Dance