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Sunroofing w/ Green Ink

Berlin, 06.08.23

When recording this mix I imagined myself sitting in a comfy oldtimer cruising through country roads towards a summer camping weekend in nature. Think early Friday evening, with two close friends in the car, the sun is low, the sunroof is open, the warm wind streaming in and light, fun conversation while this is playing.

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  • 0:00:10
    Dream Cycle 
    Deep Dream Generator
  • --:--
    River Yarra
    Cafe Del Frog
  • 0:06:40
    Theme From The Dungeon
  • Dreamcastmoe
    Up 2 U
  • Carlton 
    Cool With Nature (The Nature Mix)
  • Apiento 
    Things You Do For Love
  • Mind Lotion 
    Hotel Breakfast
  • 90s Lovers
    I Know You Got Soul (Cookys Got Soul Mix)
  • Keysha 
    Stop It!
  • Perishing Thirst 
    Morning Light
  • Innocence 
    Natural Thing (No-one Here Gets Out Alive)
  • Green Ink
    Cave Dweller
  • Francesca
  • Lucy Pearl 
    Don't Mess With My Man
  • Dub Oven 
    Dub Oven