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Manchester, 16.07.22

This month on Onotesla, Michael presents a collage of the recently formed Independent Community Radio Network (ICRN) featuring recordings made during their first meetings in Vilnius and Riga.

ICRN currently exists as Palanga Street Radio (Vilnius), Tirkultura (Riga), IDA (Tallinn) and IDA (Helsinki), and were joined by Michael Umney (Resonance FM) and Finn McCorry (NTS Manchester).


Samantha Lippett, Linas Čekanavičius, Mavros Skylos, Ieva Černiauskaitė, Michael Holland, Reinis Semēvics, Rolands Pēterkops, Eric Filipus Juslén, Sammeli Kuisma, Heikki Vaht, Michael Umney, Finn McCorry.


  • Michael Holland
    Švenčionėliai (With Michael Umney And Samantha Craig Playing Instruments)
  • Grasscut 
    Richardson Road
  • Michael Umney In Conversation With PSR
    His Definition Of Independent Community Radio
  • Extracts Of Jim Perrin From The 2009 Resonance Fm Broadcast Intimacy And Distance (Suspension Of Belief)
    Ed Baxter And Chris Weaver
  • Duncan Barrett
    Eleanor (Samantha Selection)
  • Rebekah Okpoti 
  • Michael Umney + Michael Holland
    It’s Gonna Be Sunny
  • Steve Reich 
    Come Out
  • Me_Diafan For YBYZAR
    Advertisement For His Radio Show On Radio DY10
  • 猫 シ Corp. & T E L E P A T H テレパシ
    能力者 (Ieva Černiauskaitė Selection)
  • Fief
    The_road_through_town (Mavros Selection)
  • Mareunrols & Marija Luize Melke
    Dreamtime (10MR Edited Version)
  • Michael J. Blood 
  • Backroom Music Productions
    Come Into My Heart (Finn Selection)
  • David Behrman 
    View Finder
  • Sound Drawing
    Ieva Černiauskaitė (1328)
  • Kendrick Lamar 
    Auntie Diaries
  • Unknown Artist
    Michael Desktop (Track 9)
  • Finn
    Talking A Little Bit About Radio Curating (Finn Lapel Mic)
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Title (Matas Aerobica Selection)
  • I.A.O
    Ferns (Matas Aerobica Selection)
  • Nala Sinephro, Lyle Barton 
  • Massive Attack
    Exchange (Linas Selection)
  • Sound Drawing
    Finn McCorry (1327)
  • Michael Umney
    Tunnel Vision Chat
  • Lydmila Suskaičiuotas
    Laikas (Mavros Selection)
  • Michael Umney In Conversation With Sevda Khatamian
    Recording Thoughts
  • Dan Nichols
    Keep Doing Positive Things
  • Elizabeth Balčus
    Flute Improvisation
  • Michael Holland
    Collage From Švenčionėliai (Sounds Taken From Jingle Workshop With ICRN Participants)
  • Koichi Shimizu 
    Reverberation (Syndromes and a Century / FAITH)