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OnoTesla w/ Paddy Shine: Golden Cabinet Special

Manchester, 06.10.18

Onotesla (Ono-Tesla tapes) is a Rīga based program that was originally started by Michael Holland and Paddy Shine in the Manchester studios but has since developed a nomadic exploratory based structure highlighting experimental rhythmic based music made mostly by outsiders. 


  • Joao Pais Filipe
    Kavusan Master
  • Groupe Al Hassania Des Gnawa
    Unknown Track
  • Ved 
    The Leucistic Rook
  • Andrew Lyles & Jean Herve Peron
    The Drummer Is On Valium
  • Exo//Endo 
    The Working Hour
  • Coil & Steve Stapleton
    How To Destroy Angels II
  • Faust 
    Ich Bin Dein Hund / I Am Your Dog
  • Stapleton, Tibet 
    The Dead Side Of The Moon
  • Ep64
    Xi-Xi Mnxvi
  • Paisiel
  • Zim Zum
  • Lukanto
    Lukanto 4
  • Haricot Massacre
    Unknown Track
  • Charles Hayward
    Time Is Spriral
  • João Pais Filipe 
    Nine Doors
  • Frederike Jaeger
  • Pharaoh Sanders
    Black Unity
  • Nurse With Wound, Diana Rogerson 
    Dead Roads / Cradle Your Snatch / The Little Seed