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Open Hand Real Flames - DISKLAVIER and GIZMOTRON special

London, 16.03.22

With Bass Clef

OPEN HAND REAL FLAMES is a monthly show presented by Bass Clef. Each episode has a theme - usually a specific musical instrument or process, perhaps an artist or composer, sometimes a record label. Ranging wide over centuries and genres, looking for connections and joy. Always welcomes contributions, music, suggestions.

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  • Aphex Twin 
    Hy A Scullyas Lyf A Dhagrow
  • Hans Timmerman
    La Barricade De La Rue Saint-Maur-Popincourt
  • Ellen Arkbro 
    For Disklavier And Tape
  • Lol Creme / Kevin Godley 
  • Dux Consort
  • Kyle Gann
    Number 6, Buck Ran Back Out
  • Stephanie Knauer
    Roller-Coaster For Disklavier
  • Alvin Curran
    Georgia On My Mind
  • Hans Timmerman
    Choking Disklavier #9
  • Creme & Godley
    Gismo Sales Recording
  • News At One
    Gizmotron Feature
  • Fernando Perdomo's Gizmotron Orchestra
    Everything That Is Sustainable
  • Pete Yelding
    Accompaniment For Sniffs And Hums
  • John Lely 
    Orrery - Version For Prepared Piano
  • Kyle Gann 
    No. 8, Tango Da Chiesa (2002)
  • Lol Creme / Kevin Godley