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Open Hand Real Flames w/ Laurie Tompkins

London, 07.07.21

With Bass Clef

OPEN HAND REAL FLAMES is a monthly show presented by Bass Clef. Each episode has a theme - usually a specific musical instrument or process, perhaps an artist or composer, sometimes a record label. Ranging wide over centuries and genres, looking for connections and joy. Always welcomes contributions, music, suggestions.

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  • Laurie Tompkins
    Lifelike Life Lifelike Grief
  • Laurie Tompkins
    Sharp Love Slow Faint (W. Eliza McCarthy & Ashley Paul)
  • Laurie Tompkins
    Gaz (W. Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach)
  • Laurie Tompkins
    Kelly (W. Otto Willberg)
  • Laurie Tompkins
    Champ (W. Gwilly Edmondez)
  • Laurie Tompkins
    Dreams (W. Eliza McCarthy)
  • Laurie Tompkins
    Pour Soup For Our Days (Excerpt) (W. Eliza McCarthy)