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Open Hand Real Flames - Tabla Special

London, 08.06.22

With Bass Clef

OPEN HAND REAL FLAMES is a monthly show presented by Bass Clef. Each episode has a theme - usually a specific musical instrument or process, perhaps an artist or composer, sometimes a record label. Ranging wide over centuries and genres, looking for connections and joy. Always welcomes contributions, music, suggestions.

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  • Anuradha Pal
    Coming Together
  • Mrinal Sen Gupta, Lateef Ahmed Khan, Tirath Ajmani 
    Rupak Tal
  • Pandit Shankar Ghosh
  • Ravi Shankar 
  • Sehry Mirza & Sumera Waris
    Min Jana Jogi Dy
  • Oost- West Precussie Groep
  • Reshma Pandit
    Tabla Solo
  • Sarwar Sabri 
    Taal Farodust - 14 Beats
  • Ustad Zakir Hussain, Ustad Alla Rakha 
    Tabla Solo Recital Roopak Taal
  • Asa-Chang & Junray 
  • Beatrice Dillon 
    Workaround One
  • Pandit Mahapurush Misra
    Tal Ektal
  • Gudaj Maharaj 
    Tabla Solo (Uttar Pradesh, 1968)
  • Oost- West Precussie Groep
    Massed Bands Beating No 2
  • Björk (Black Dog Productions mix) 
    Come To Me (Black Dog Mix)
  • Anuradha Pal
    Coming Together