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Glasgow, 10.03.20

With Optimo

Optimo is JG Wilkes & JD Twitch; record label, and longstanding Glaswegian party. You can expect a lot from their new monthly slot, sure to dig up some obscurities from post-punk, new wave, EBM, house and techno. Bags of unreleased stuff, too.


  • Ghédalia Tazartès 
    Merci Stéphane
  • Sabres Of Paradise
    Edge 6
  • Venetians
    Son Sur Son (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
  • Painkillers 
    Lost In Space
  • 如月小春 
    Bon Voyage
  • A.R. Kane 
    A Love From Outer Space
  • Stereo MC’s
    Everything (Sabres Of Paradise Mix)
  • PT001 
    United Mix 1
  • Pleasure Pool
    Night Scars
  • C.U.B.S
    It Moves / Uvanuk
  • Vivian Withers 
    Hangin' On
  • Black Uhuru 
    Boof 'N' Baff 'N' Biff
  • Junto Club
  • Fast Forward 
    Bye Bye Love
  • Sabres Of Paradise
    Smokebelch In Dub
  • Ozzy
  • Maximoe 
    Miami Heat
  • Sotto Voce
    Unheimlich Resonance
  • Khan 
    Fatty Acid
  • The Master Musicians Of Joujouka feat. Ahmed Bousini, Modi, Mohamed, Mohamed Komsi, Sheech Achmed 
    Sharbuni A The - Your Eyes Make Me Want To Drink Tea
  • Alice Coltrane 
    Morning Worship
  • Yusef Lateef 
    Juba Juba
  • Alice M Moyle's Field Recordings
    Recordings From Aboriginal Sound Instruments
  • Scott Young 
    Ket City
  • Unknown Artist
    Auntie Joan From Cullercoats
  • Melatonin Man 
  • Sepehr 
    Neophyte Delight
  • Andrew Weatherall 
    Ghosts Again