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Glasgow, 17.05.22

With Optimo

Optimo is JG Wilkes & JD Twitch; record label, and longstanding Glaswegian party. You can expect a lot from their new monthly slot, sure to dig up some obscurities from post-punk, new wave, EBM, house and techno. Bags of unreleased stuff, too.


  • Jorge Reyes 
    Donde Nadie Lamenta Lo Que Somos
  • Vox Populi! 
    Mush Dubby Gnarls & Vrooms
  • Nurse With Wound 
    Shipwreck n' Roll
  • Eric B. & Rakim 
    I Know You Got Soul (Album Version)
  • Uni Son 
    Untitled For Now
  • Fats Comet 
    Dub Storm
  • Chris & Cosey 
  • Cabaret Voltaire 
    Soul Vine (70 Billion People)
  • Chris Watson
    El Tren Fantasma (Excerpt)
  • Negativland 
    Michael Jackson
  • Party Dozen
    Risky Behaviour
  • Pita
    Get Out 3
  • Isa Gordon
    Isolee With Sarah
  • INIT 
    Holes In My CV
  • Digital Mystikz 
  • Big Hands & Abraham Parker
    Aperta (Improv 1)
  • African Head Charge 
    Elastic Dance
  • New Age Steppers 
    My Whole World
  • Deadly Headly 
    Humble Glory
  • King Sunny Adé And His African Beats
    Ja Funmi (Waka Version)
  • Howlin' Wolf 
    Smokestack Lightning
  • Tom Zé 
    Brigitte Bardot
  • Fernando Falcão 
    Curimão (Sons Onomatopaicos E Folk Da Guiné)
  • The Latin Rascals 
    Lisa's Coming
  • Joe Ariwa 
    King Moses Version (33RPM)
  • Dinosaur L 
    Clean On Your Bean #1
  • Lost Entity 
    Annihilate (L.E.S. Mix)
  • Aasthma 
    Arrival (Fast Forward Into Love)
  • Planet Gong 
    Don't Judge The Silence
  • Ambient Babestation Meltdown & JBS
    Dead Or Alive