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organ tapes - claire rousay & more eaze takeover

London, 10.05.21

With Organ Tapes, Claire Rousay, More Eaze

Organ Tapes and friends play disparate music plied and wrenched together with religious fervour. Sound of E5 上海 monthly on a Monday.


  • Proper People Youtube
    Exploring The Abandoned Northridge Mall
  • Atlas Sound 
    A Ghost Story
  • PDP III 
    Calendar of Days
  • A Sunny Day In Glasgow 
    Wake Up Pretty
  • KaTT
    72 Purple Mask
  • Theodore Cale Schafer 
    Track 1
  • Claire Rousay And More Eaze
  • Doss 
  • Florian T M Zeisig 
  • Malibu 
    Nana (Like A Star Made For Me)
  • Freesound.Org
  • Freesound.Org
  • Leo Hoffsaes, Loto Retina 
  • How To Text Ur Ex With Hayley Williams (Youtube)
  • Aaron Cartier
    Viva Rose
  • Motherbear
    Neither Was I
  • Unknown
    North Star Mall Field Recording
  • Unknown
    Saltillo St Field Recording
  • Jake Muir 
    Silent Sailing
  • bod [包家巷] 
    Dedicated To Year0001 (Coherence Of The Self)
  • Sugai Ken, Lieven Martens 
    Kagiroi I
  • Secret Boyfriend 
    Have You Heard About This House?
  • Porter Robinson 
    Wind Tempos
  • Mouse On Mars 
    Fantastic Analysis
  • Motion Graphics 
    Softbank Arcade (Swiftcode Version)
  • Bby Eco
    Forever Till The End Of Time
  • Claire Rousay And More Eaze
    Mumbled Autotune Outtake
  • Kouji
  • Iann Dior, Trippie Redd 
    Shots In The Dark
  • Gabi Losoncy
  • Joanne Robertson 
    Black Moon Days
  • Sky Ferreira
    My New York Interview Youtube
  • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma 
    Tracing Back The Radiance