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Origins Ov Underground w/ Adamgoesham

Los Angeles, 09.10.20

Founder of LA's underground hip hop party, HAM on Everything, AdamGoesHam shares 90s Rap rarities and relics.


  • 3 Melancholy Gypsys 
    Everything Goes
  • Scarub
    Barstool Confessions
  • Elusive Ft. Asop, Eligh, The Grouch
  • The Grouch 
    The Afterlife
  • Scarub 
    The Meaning
  • Scarub 
    Scarub's Melancholy Autobiography
  • Murs 
    Red Dots
  • Basik Emcee Zephyr 
    Fresh Breath
  • Eligh, Murs, Grouch, & Asop
    Billy Madison
  • Eligh 
    Your Not Alone
  • CMA 
    2 Help The Weak.End
  • Murs 
  • 3 Melancholy Gypsys 
    Dire Straits
  • Scarub, Bfap, & Arata
    Hornz Of Tha Bull
  • Mystik Journeymen Ft Asop, Eligh, & Grouch
  • Mystik Journeymen Ft Grouch
    Mercury Rising
  • Grouch, PSC, Asop, Eligh, Murs, Bfap 
    Language Song
  • The Grouch 
    Mr. Invisible
  • Living Legends feat. Living Legends 
  • Murs feat. Eligh, PSC, The Grouch 
    Speed Bumps
  • 3 Melancholy Gypsys