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Melbourne, 30.08.21

Otologic's Nick & Tom join NTS from sunny Melbourne once a month for a few hours of outre disco, dub, post punk, leftfield house, and more… all cooked up in their own distinctive style.


  • Hotspring 
  • Houschyar 
    Blue 1
  • Pontiac Streator, Ulla Straus
    Chat One
  • Leo James
    Long Amber Light
  • The Stupid Set 
  • R.N.A
    Weimar 22
  • Androo, Bony Fly 
    Bounce Bounce (Love Mix)
  • Ayaz 
  • 5AM 
    Coffee Milk
  • Deux Filles 
    Drinking At A Stream
  • Celestial 
    Lonely Weekend
  • Lyckle De Jong
    Tjilp Lus
  • The Humble Bee 
    Section V Light
  • Lord Tang 
    The General
  • Nicolini 
    Woospang Man
  • Purplehands
  • Museum Of No Art 
    Sunbeams On Your Car
  • D. D. K.
    Guiding Light
  • Lydia Tomkiw 
    Hot June Evening
  • Carnage 
    Broken Mind
  • Dites Safran
  • Gem-K
    Dreamless Sleep
  • Terra Utopia 
  • Dauwd 
    La Nota
  • Parallax Beat Brothers (DJ Sprinkles mix) 
    Exhalation (DJ Sprinkles' Deep Breath Mix)
  • Epsilove And Ployer Fower
    Auguries Of Innocence