Live now

Otologic w/ Heaven's Chair

Melbourne, 31.07.23

Otologic's Nick & Tom join NTS from sunny Melbourne once a month for a few hours of outre disco, dub, post punk, leftfield house, and more… all cooked up in their own distinctive style.


  • 0:00:10
    Niko Tzoukmanis 
    Another Dawn
  • 0:08:01
    Downstairs J 
  • 0:13:10
    Critical Rhythm, Jango Thriller, Vandal 
    It Could Not Happen (Essential Trance Hall Mix)
  • Yamaan 
  • Sinéad O'Connor 
    Thank You For Hearing Me
  • Digital Distortion 
    Mellow Bug
  • Hoodie X James K
  • High Pass Filter (James Boddington mix) 
    No Lines (Bodz Mix)
  • Creation Rebel 
    That's More Like It
  • Odd Nosdam
    Dub 3
  • Jah Bunny Mainline
    Get You In
  • Bélver Yin 
    ¿Quién Te Va A Querer Ahora?
  • Heaven's Chair
    Guest Mix
  • Heaven’s Chair
    The Clown
  • Drumloop 
  • ??
  • Vidas
    Dance Of The Young (Augurs Of Spring)
  • Mag
    Whisper In A Windtunnel
  • Mobbs
    07 Trad
  • Oxhy
    And We Love Anew (For Zach And John)
  • Bushes
    Firefly Pipeline Edit
  • Theodore Cale Schafer
    Blood Letter
  • A Man Called Adam 
    Book Of The Dead (The British Museum Mix)
  • Elysia Crampton Chuquimia
    The Fired Fortress
  • Belmont Girl
    Southern Sun
  • De Cos 
    Grass Lore
  • Polido 
    10 De Copas
  • The Tunnel Singer 
    Saint Elmo's Promise
  • Kagami Smile
  • Sunun
  • SJ Hotel
    Sometime In November