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Melbourne, 07.06.21

Scruffy Aussies Otologic join NTS once a month for a couple hours of dishevelled disco, belting acid house, and, well, whatever else takes their fancy. Having grabbed Melbourne’s attention firmly by the balls, the duo stepped up to the plate at NTS to show us what they can do – and there’s plenty of new ones to hear.


  • SoFa, Houschyar, Okay Temiz
    Rhythm Is The Mother
  • Rohling 02
    Auberge Des Sapins
  • Spivak
    Bitumen Frenzy
  • Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg 
    Geldmopser Ohrenkitzler
  • Jjulius 
    Följ Inte Efter
  • Great Area
    Over Again
  • B:Dum B:Dum Sound
    Pablo's Dog
  • Original Rockers
    Sexy Selector
  • Braindub 
    Torchy Girl
  • downstairs J 
    Viewing Space
  • Felinto
  • La Fe 
  • Benoit B
    La Retraite Des Rockers
  • Gilb'R 
  • Josiah Steinbrick, Sam Gendel 
    Mouthfeel 4
  • Alex Macfarlane 
    When Backcasting
  • Hamburger All-Stars 
    Swinging London, Pt. 2
  • CZN 
    Curfew Shrink Circuit
  • Immrama 
    All Things On Fire
  • Nueen
  • White Mice 
    Step By Step
  • Zion Train feat. Tassilli Players 
    Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Mashed 
    Midnight Dub
  • Hallucinator 
  • Black Deer 
    What Are You Doing?
  • O$VMV$M
    Mysterious Downfall Rhythm Ft. Jiinx
    Corpo Libero
  • Yannis Kostidakis 
    BSA 1939