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The Outside Insight Hour

Los Angeles, 27.04.21

Explorations in modern experimental electronic sounds with newly bred LA record label Outside Insight.


  • Satoshi & Makoto 
  • Suzanne Kraft 
    On Our Hands
  • Prince 
    It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
  • Prince 
    So Blue
  • Tirzah
    Send Me
  • Lucho Gatica
    Amor Sin Passado
  • Suzanne Kraft 
    Red Flag
  • Beach Boys
    Warmth Of The Sun
  • Green-House 
    Royal Fern
  • Earth, Wind & Fire 
  • Fools 
  • Fresh Bread
  • Pessoas Que Eu Conheço
    O Trem Para Hángzhou
  • The Growth Eternal
    Things I Imagined
  • Matt Martians
    Killer California
  • The Simps
    On Fye
  • Green Day 
    Brain Stew