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Outsider Oldies - Moaning in the Valley: 1940s-‘50s Indie Gospel

Los Angeles, 19.05.22

Outsider Oldies host Rich Tupica digs back to the 1940s and '50s for some of the rawest, most dynamic gospel tracks ever cut to wax on independent American labels. From uplifting powerhouse songs and sermons, to haunting, cautionary tales where repentance is your only way to make to those pearly gates. This powerfully moody batch of spiritual sides may inspire you … or scare you into believing.


  • Elder Charles D. Beck
    Rock & Roll Sermon Pts. 1 & 2
  • National Clouds Of Joy 
    Somebody Touched Me
  • Blair Gospel Singers 
    I've Been Moaning So Long
  • Rev. M. Larry Franklin
    Little Baby Of Bethlehem
  • Silvertone Quintet
    Stand By Me
  • Harmony Four Singers
    Leaning Independent
  • Gospel Silhouettes 
    Tell It To Jesus
  • Supreme Angels 
    Seven Seals
  • Kansas City Soul Revivers
    Jesus Came At Midnight
  • Little Joe Cook
    I'm A Witness
  • Deacon Leroy Shinault 
    I Cannot Live In Sin
  • Southwinds 
    They Call Me Crazy
  • Spiritual Harmonizers 
    I'm Your Servant Lord
  • Mighty Gospel Giants
    There'll Be A Perfect Day
  • Novatones
    Down Here
  • Spiritual Five
    I Don't Have To Worry
  • Kindly Shepherds
    Climbing Higher Mountains
  • Mello-Aires Of Rochester
    Take Your Burdens There
  • Norfleet Brothers 
    Draw Me Nearer
  • Macedonians 
    I'll Never More Pass This Way
  • Seven Melody Men 
    Mother, Pray For Me
  • Rev. William M. Rimson
    Believe On Me (Jesus Said It)