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Outsider Oldies - A Scene In Between: The '60s California Underground

Los Angeles, 06.11.21

California in the 1960s was more than The Byrds, The Doors, Love and the Jefferson Airplane — there were plenty of other bands and songwriters who never reached that height of fame, but maybe should have. Here are just a few of those musty-dusties from the Sunshine State.


  • Intro: Bob Summers & Mike Curb
    Pot Party
  • Weird Herald 
    Saratoga James
  • The Light
    It's All Over
  • Staff
  • Mojo 
    Candle To Burn
  • Allies
    I'll Sell My Soul
  • Gordon Alexander 
    Windy Wednesday
  • Syndicate
    She Haunts You
  • The Starfires 
    I Never Loved Her
  • Mojo Men
    Give Me One More Chance
  • Bob Ray 
    (Girl With The) Cameo Ring
  • Arthur Monday 
    What Goes Around Comes Around (Part I)
  • The Sloths 
    Makin' Love
  • Rhon Silva 
    Get It Right
  • Our Gang 
    Careless Love
  • Stained Glass 
    A Scene In Between
  • Jesse Lee Kincaid 
    She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune
  • Gyspy Trips
    Ain't It Hard
  • A. M. Gately 
    Battle In The City
  • Tangerine Roog
    Back In My Arms
  • Hamilton Camp 
    Lonely Place
  • Sagittarius 
    The Truth Is Not Real
  • Ed Burkey 
    Rosemary's Baby Aka Apache Ghost