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Outsider Oldies - Too Cool to Dance: 1970s-’80s Power Pop

Los Angeles, 08.09.22

On this episode of Outsider Oldies, host Rich Tupica compiled an angsty yet hook-filled batch of power pop tracks from the late 1970s and early-’80s. From dramatic breakups (“Life Without You”) to bizarre novelty tunes (“Busy Kids”), this tracklist spans all emotions — but all come with earworm guitar riffs. Here’s a glimpse at the earliest days of post-Beatles power pop.


  • Jook 
    Aggravation Place
  • The Shivvers (Jill Kossoris, Scott Krueger, Shane Olivio mix) 
    Life Without You
  • The Same 
    Wild About You
  • The Flys
    We Don’t Mind The Rave
  • Jack Lee 
  • The Huns 
    Busy Kids
  • The Names 
    Too Cool To Dance
  • The Name 
    Fuck Art Let's Dance
  • The Professionals 
    Kick Down The Doors
  • The Outcasts 
    Self Conscious Over You
  • The Hoodoo Gurus
    I Want You Back
  • The Scruffs
    I’m A Failure
  • The Hoax 
    We All Hate Myself
  • The Donkeys 
    No Way
  • Roxette 
  • The Gymslips 
    Barbara Cartland
  • Stiv Bators 
    Make Up Your Mind
  • Steve Jones
    Lonely Boy
  • The Names 
    Why Can't It Be
  • Holly And The Italians
  • Onlookers
    You And I