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Born for Burning w/ Painkiller Kim

Los Angeles, 10.05.24

Devoted to the metal underground - black, thrash, heavy, death and speed


  • Profanation 
    No Surrender
  • Profanation 
    Skull Crushing Violence
  • Godkiller 
    From The Castle In The Fog
  • Perversion 
    Barbaric Execution
  • Hades 
    ...Again Shall Be
  • Cult Of Eibon 
    The Dweller Of The Woods
  • Mystic Spear
    Voice Of Thunder
  • Imprecation 
    Black Communion
  • Blue Humming Bird On The Left
    Souther Rules Supreme / Moon
  • Thanatiass
    Altars Of Nigromancy
  • Gauntlet Ring 
    Soldiers Of The Starless Sky
  • Master's Hammer 
    Každý Z Nás
  • Impaled Nazarene 
    Soul Rape