Live now

Born for Burning w/ Painkiller Kim

Los Angeles, 08.06.23

Devoted to the metal underground - black, thrash, heavy, death and speed


  • Unpure 
    Northern Sea Madness
  • Flame
    Forever Dark #
  • Sijjin 
    Vorago Of Adullam
  • Silvanthrone 
    Ghosts Of The Desolate Corridor
  • Libidinous Acts
    Demo 2
  • Baphemetis
    Cube Of Baphe Metis
  • Oldowan Gash 
    Blinding Moon
  • Flaming Ouroboros 
    As Their Banners Sway…
  • Baxaxaxa 
    Revelation In Sin
  • Arbor 
    In Night's Dream
  • Flame
    Forever Dark
  • Perdition Hearse 
    My Ancient Gods Behind Them All
  • Oldowan Gash 
    Fortress Of Ignorance