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PAN w/ Billy Bultheel

Berlin, 24.02.20

With Bill Kouligas

The Composer behind Anne Imhof's FAUST presents Shadow Trail - Castrati & Machines; a two hour long hike through medieval and renaissance vocal music, ambient, metal and noise.


  • Marcel Couraud Vocal Ensemble, Monteverdi 
    Ah, Dolente Partita
  • Menace Ruins
    Belly Of The House
  • Laibach feat. Luka Jamnik, Matevž Kolenc, Milan Fras, Mina Špiler, Sašo Vollmaier, Slavko Avsenik Jr. 
    Resistance Is Futile
  • Luc Döbereiner
  • The Body 
    Ten Times A Day, Every Day, A Stranger
  • Zabelle Panosian 
    Groung (Crane) (Later Take)
  • Arthur Russell
    Fragment From The Documentary ‘Wild Combination’
  • Iegor Reznikoff 
    Alleluia Martinus
  • SSSS 
    Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes
  • Rafaël Orozco, Chopin 
    Preludes 1-6
  • Vaggione
    24 Variations For Piano And Electronics
  • Graindelavoix, Björn Schmelzer 
    La Sirena
  • Bill Bultheel
    Ballet For Trumpets (Played By Louis Laurent
  • Earth 
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Emma Kirkby, Margaret Philpot, Rogers Covey-Crump, Gothic Voices, Christopher Page 
    Dame, De Qui Toute Ma Joie Vient
  • NAKED 
  • Shostakovich, Konstantin Scherbakov 
    Prelude No.20 In C Minor: Adagio
  • The Body
    Adamah ( Remixed By OAA)
  • Wolf Eyes 
    Rotten Tropics
  • Roberto Musci
    Claudia, Withem R. And Me
  • Lingua Ignota 
    Do You Doubt Me Traitor
  • Art Ensemble Of Chicago 
    Variations Sur Un Thème De Monteverdi (II)
  • Phillipe Verdelot
    Queste Non Son Più Lagrime
  • John Cage
    Lithany For The Whale
  • Bill Bultheel