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Panorama Heaven w/ Bianca Lexis

Los Angeles, 11.08.21

LA native Bianca Lexis showcases a monthly, genre-blending hour, exploring the different facets of pop, soul, and experimentation in the 1980s. all in panoramic view, for you.


  • Miko 
    Im Garten
  • Владимир Леви, Ким Брейтбург
    Не Уходи, Дарящий
  • Tom Wolgers 
  • The Blue Nile 
    Saddle The Horses
  • Insides
    Half Past 4 (Ft. Steve Thompson & Simon Russell)
  • An Luu 
    Lolita Hiroshima
  • Sjunne Ferger 
  • John Martyn 
    Love Of Mine
  • Cheryl Glasgow 
    Glued To The Spot
  • Chris & Cosey 
    Hybrid 'C'
  • Lim Giong 
    A Pure Person
  • Poison Girlfriends 
    Hardly Ever Smile (Alternative Guitar Mix)
  • Ginny 
    Can't Be Serious (Club Mix)