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Paradise Bangkok

London, 03.05.20

Chris Menist’s Paradise Bangkok label hits the NTS airwaves for a rundown of the best folk music from Africa, Indonesia and more. Reggae and Jazz rub shoulders with Gamalan as Menist uncovers classics; folk music without borders.


  • Kim Jinmook
    Dream Of Heaven
  • Emanative And Sarathy Korwar
    Misguided Meditation
  • Beatrice Dillon 
    Workaround Three
  • Metal Preyers 
  • Asher Gamedze
    Dialectic Soul
  • Waaju 
    Listening Glasses
  • Primitive World 
    Flesh Made From Compressed Ideals
  • Pavel Milyakov 
    Suburban Tribal
  • Nat Birchall
    Dub In The Heavens Pt.1
  • Ben Bondy 
    Spoke Through My Legs
  • Brodinski X Low Jack
    Parhelion Two
  • DJ Python 
  • Collocutor