Kasra V & Multiple Man

London, 05.05.19

With Kasra V, Multiple Man

Kasra Vaseghi homes in on leftfield music on a monthly Friday, playing new beat to trance, ambient to Middle Eastern disco and other oddities. The show regularly features guests who are upcoming DJs, local heroes or avid collectors.


  • Sote
    Brass Tacks
  • Einstürzende Neubauten
    3 Thoughts
  • Doubting Thomas
    Come In Piece
  • Front 242
    Animal (Gate)
  • Josh Wink
    Herehear (Ah, Git Up)
  • D'Arcangelo
    Pull Seven
  • Yello ( Alan Gregorie, François Kevorkian mix )
    Call It Love (Dub)
  • Mann Parrish
    Hip Hop Be Bop
  • Severed Heads
    Hot With Fleas (Extended)
  • MCL
    New York (Double-New York-Mix)
  • John & Julie
    Circles (Round & Round) (Vicious Mix)
  • Krush
    House Arrest (The Beat Is The Law)

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