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Patrick Forge

London, 13.09.21

Tropical rhythms, devotional boogie and soulful shenanigans with a heavy jazz undertone, Patrick Forge gathers it all up for your listening pleasure.


  • Rebecca Vasmant
    Timing’s End
  • Ishmael Ensemble 
    Visions Of Light
  • On Our Own Clock 
  • Miryam Solomon 
  • Brandee Younger 
    Somewhere Different
  • Mild High Club Ft. Winter
    A New High
  • Balimaya Project 
    I No Go Gree
  • Raul Monsalves Y Los Forajidos
    La Pulga (Venezonix Remix)
  • Luiz Gabriel Lopes
    Costura (Fradinho Remix)
  • Scrimshire Ft. Cleveland Watkiss
    The Pile
  • Lady Blackbird 
    Fix It
  • Cleo Sol
    Don’t Let Me Fall
  • Madeline Bell
    Don’t Walk Away
  • Joni Mitchell 
  • Paz 
    Cravo E Canela
  • Spirits Rejoice 
  • Eddie Russ 
    See The Light
  • Dynasty 
    Here I Am
  • The Foreign Exchange Ft. Gwen Bunn
    Can’t Turn Around
  • Scritti Politti 
    Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)
  • Taeko Onuki
  • MF Robots 
  • Con Funk Shun 
    Spirit Of Love
  • NYCC 
    Make Every Day Count