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The Monolith w/ PBDY & Ccontrary

Los Angeles, 28.04.20

When the world crumbled, and swallowed us whole, the only vibration that remained was The Monolith. Signals from times of past, present and future absorb us and and give us strength to carry on. These are sounds of creation & destruction presented to you by PBDY.


  • Ccontrary
  • Aphex Twin
    Qu 1
  • Eterna
    Garland Of Shame
  • migu 
  • Odeko 
  • Axel Boman 
    Echoes Of My Mind
    In My Mind
  • Himera 
    Keep This Between Us
  • Lil Art Project 
    The State Of Things
  • Minor Science 
    Second Language (Intro)
  • Moa Pillar 
    And The Moon Stopped
  • Kani.Cova
    Persona Shift
  • DJ Lostboi 
    Ordinary People
  • Marble Bust