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The Monolith w/ PBDY

Los Angeles, 31.03.20

When the world crumbled, and swallowed us whole, the only vibration that remained was The Monolith. Signals from times of past, present and future absorb us and and give us strength to carry on. These are sounds of creation & destruction presented to you by PBDY.


  • Paul Leonard-Morgan 
    Ma-Ma's Requiem
  • Lensk
    Ends Not Means
  • Fadent
  • Jigga
  • Megan Thee Stallion
    Sex Talk (Cnámha Edit)
  • G Jones 
    Help! I Can't Find My Way Out
  • Sd Laika 
    Tropic Of Cancer
  • Kai Whiston feat. 011668, Angela Poh, BABii, Cacklehill, Christy Carey, Clarence Clarity, Fout List, Jahlil Beats / Orlando Tucker, Joe Petersen, The Physics House Band 
    Don't Need It
    An Antidote For Restlessness
  • The Dust Brothers 
  • Accotica
  • Sega Bodega
    U Suck (Dj Animebby Edit)
  • Ice_eyes 
  • DJ BitJoint
    High Risk
  • The Dust Brothers (Wally Gagel mix) 
    What Is Fight Club? (Wally Gagel Remix)
  • Danny Elfman 
    The Phone Call
  • Etller
    Long Gone
  • Juice
    Back It
  • Leon Vynehall 
    I, Cavallo
  • Tony Rainwater
    Liquid You
  • Thundercat 
    Dragonball Durag
  • Wajatta 
  • Zwan 
    Number Of The Beast