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Pender Street Steppers

Vancouver, 28.07.20

With Pender Street Steppers

The breezy sound of the Canadian Riviera, from Mood Hut's Pender Street Steppers.


  • Colin Towns 
    Kate (Opening Sequence)
  • April Orchestra
    Amour, Emoi... Et Vous
  • Marcin Grochowina
    Prelude In C
  • Vernal Equinox 
    Silent Dream: 1. Imagery, 2. Realization, 3. The Real Dream
  • Sam Mallet 
  • Scott Gailey 
    Pithy Line
  • Scott Gailey 
    Turtle By Night
  • CS + Kreme
    Unknown Title (05/03/20 NTS Performance)
  • Paris Strother
    Dream Catcher
  • David Sylvian 
    Weathered Wall
  • Psychic TV
    Eclipse Of Flowers
  • Ron Boots 
    Far Boundaries
  • Hotspring 
  • Jack J
    I Saw Fire
  • Shigeo Sekito 
    The Word II
  • The Reels 
    Prefab Heart
  • Jack J
    Closing The Door
  • GB Beckers
  • Stephan Micus 
    56 Flowerpots
  • Tommy Guerrero, Trevor Jackson 
    Waiting On The Wind
  • The Ullulators 
    In A Space