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Perfect Lives w/ Bruno

London, 14.10.23

London record-hound & Perfect Lives shopkeeper Bruno shares an hour of discoveries each month, Dipping into charming private press releases, cozy dub & dancehall, way out of left-field synth pop & postpunk, among other surprises…


  • 0:00:08
    Jiri Válek
    Risoluto (Att.)
  • 0:08:20
    Laurie Anderson 
    Is Anybody Home
  • 0:12:30
    Allesandro Bosetti
    Gloriously Repeating
  • Lusi Kuni
    Katajjaq From Hudson Bay
  • Stravinsky, J. Szigeti
    Duo Concertant, For Violin & Piano
  • Clay Play
  • Niitsu Akio, 新津章夫 
    Forest Of Maze
  • Calle Örnemark 
    The Daughter Of The Rising Sun
  • Robert Ashley
    Isolde (Mary Isolde)
  • Jan Steele, Janet Sherbourne 
    Temporary Farewell