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Cong Burn w/ Perfume advert

Manchester, 28.07.19

With Perfume Advert

Lush techno and electronica from the Salford-based crew Cong Burn.


  • Yoshio Ojima 
  • Tradition 
    Frenzied Friends And Fiends
  • Tomita 
    Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Faun
  • Dean Hurley 
  • Ghost Ride The Whip
    Untiltled (109bpm)
  • Rhythm & Sound 
    History (Version)
  • Anxiety Support Group
    Let Me Luv U
  • Four Hands
    Side B (0)
  • Lee "Scratch" Perry 
    Heaven & Hell
  • Revolutionaries
    Lets Wait A While
  • Akiko Haruna 
    Ripheus Alley
  • Billy Mure
    Flamingo (-10)
  • CCL X Flora FM
    Liquify Interference (131)
  • Ex-Terrestrial 
    Urth Man
  • General Midi 
    U Will Be Under
  • Killer DJs