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Pete Goes To Town w/ Pete Swanson

Los Angeles, 04.06.19

With Pete Swanson

Performer and member of former experimental noise project Yellow Swans, Pete Swanson serves up left-field tunes monthly at the NTS Studio in LA.


  • Come Now And Sleep My Child
    Greek Lullaby
  • Wojciech Rusin 
  • The Lost Jockey 
    Matters Of Theory
  • Hollis/Swartz
    Diet For Dulcimer And Pvc Rack
  • Matt Cranitch
    Caoineadh Eoghain Rusin
  • Don Cherry 
    Brown Rice
  • Alain Kremski 
    Le Christ Au Mont Des Oliviers
  • Stefano Pilia 
    Caduta °
  • Martin Bartlett 
    Time Passing X (Edit)
  • Ricardo Sinigaglia
  • Never