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Taipei to Hualien Nightbus - PHAMBINHO W/ HOJO

London, 10.08.21

Taipei based DJ and organizer Hojo aka Allen Huang loves breaking pop music. Whether it's vaporwave, nightcore or club edits, Hojo loves to give music new life through new context. On this mix, he provides his ideal soundtrack for an overnight bus from Taipei to Hualien, passing through townships and by the sea. Stopping at a KTV along the way.


  • Taemin Ft Taeyeon
    If I Could Tell You (Hojo Chop & Screw)
  • Yoon Doojoon
    Save Me (Hojo Chop & Screw)
  • LUDU 
  • Mong Tong 夢東
    天庭 Tian Ting
  • Sangam, Kid Smpl 
    Shadow Knight
  • Angus Tung 童安格
    愛與哀愁 Love And Sorrow
  • Oh My Girl
    Quest (Hojo Chop & Screw)
  • YuYing Hsu 許郁瑛
    單純的人 A Pure Person
  • Taeyang
    Dance On My Own (Hojo Chop & Screw)
  • Ancestor
    A Celestial Life (DJAO Screwmix)
  • Ten 
    夢中夢 (몽중몽; Dream In A Dream)
  • Seventeen 
    Same dream, same mind, same night