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Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction

Berlin, 03.11.19

Given all life leads to jazz we might as well take the scenic route. An uncanny hour of words and music from producer Phil Smith. Carefully formulated but never formulaic, an inclusive hour of the straight-ahead and the experimental.


  • Phil Smith
    Playing With Rain
  • Coco Steel & Lovebomb 
    Intermittent Light Rain, Rising Slowly
  • Phil Smith
    Trains, Trains (Feat. Juwelia)
  • Phil Smith
    Soggy Moon #9
  • Fennesz 
    Before I Leave
  • The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble, Levon Eskenian 
    Assyrian Women Mourners
  • Phil Smith
    Field Recording In Trafalgar Square, 11th October 2019
  • Dea Garbaccio & Giovanni Turchetti
    La Biondina In Gondoletta
  • Phil Smith
    Metal Pot Music
  • Olivia Block 
    Four Sorts Of Factitious Shining
  • John Adams 
    Shaker Loops: IV. A Final Shaking
  • Phil Smith
    Field Recording On Elm Grove, Brighton, 2nd October 2019
  • Leverton Fox 
    Khan-Arachnid Orchid
  • Phil Smith
    Bless You
  • The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band 
    I Won't Hurt You
  • Najoua
  • Phil Smith
    But Could Be Higher (Wind Chime Loop)
  • Radiohead 
    Morning Bell
  • Joyce
    E Muito Mais (Feat. João Donato)
  • Faustina Orobio
    El Nino De La Paz