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Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction

Berlin, 11.07.20

Given all life leads to jazz we might as well take the scenic route. An uncanny hour of words and music from producer Phil Smith. Carefully formulated but never formulaic, an inclusive hour of the straight-ahead and the experimental.


  • Otis Sandsjö 
  • Renell Shaw
    The Windrush Suite, III. Out Of Many
  • Hedvig Mollestad 
    Slightly Lighter
  • Sara Serpa 
    Control And Oppression
  • Lucy Railton
    Lament (Part 2)
  • Nailah Hunter 
    White Flower, Dark Hill
  • Gerald Cleaver 
  • Darling Fitch
    And Them
  • Caroline Bergvall
    Rapid Eye Movement, Part 2
  • Rose Bonica
    Be Your Better Self
  • Automatic 
    Signal (JooJoo Remix)
  • Greg Sheehan, Perrin Moss, Vinod Prasanna 
    Improvisation #2