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Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction

brighton, 29.05.22

Given all life leads to jazz we might as well take the scenic route. An uncanny hour of words and music from producer Phil Smith. Carefully formulated but never formulaic, an inclusive hour of the straight-ahead and the experimental.


  • Martin Küchen, Landæus Trio 
    Love, Flee Thy House (In Breslau)
  • Shabaka 
    Black meditation
  • Qasim Naqvi 
    Mt. Erased
  • Zac Gvi
    Toronto Tapes
  • Bethany Misselbrook
    Environment 2
  • Better Corners 
    Jazz Square R.I.P.
  • Martha Skye Murphy 
    Act III - Aria
  • Nate Wooley
    Ancient Songs Of Burlap Heroes, 3. (…….)
  • Inwards
    Mouse (Leafcutter John Remix)
  • Ches Smith 
  • Ro70