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Physical Therapy - The Year in UKG '22


Prescribe yourself a genre-free, highly emotional course of Physical Therapy.


  • Eliza Rose, Interplanetary Criminal 
    B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All)
  • Nienna
    Don’t Want No
  • Desert Sound Colony
    Wighty Bassy Goodness
    Push It (Interplanetary Criminal Remix)
  • Erotic Cafe' 
    No Forget
  • Flukes 
    Wifey Riddim (PJ Bridger Rudegirl Vocal Refix)
  • Jengi
    Jenginseng Strip 2002
  • Kobe JT feat. The Phat Controlla 
    Next DJ
  • Kornel Kovacs Ft. Aluna
    Follow You (Alex Kassian Remix)
  • Maya Q 
    Soft (Beno)
  • Jack Chrysalis 
    One Day
  • Guava Ft. Leo Abrahams
    Equinox Meaning
  • Sherrie B (Interplanetary Criminal mix) 
    Nah Tek It (Interplanetary Criminal Remix)
  • Sam Binga, Redders (Bakey mix) 
    Natural Mission (Bakey RMX)
  • Tower Block Dreams 
    If You Want The Reload
  • Chungo
    Zero Day
  • Charli XCX Ft. Rina Sawayama
    Beg For You
  • Soul Mass Transit System 
  • Mosca
    God Of Thunder
  • INVT
  • Sage de Lestrogén 
    Slippy Bxtch
  • Wodda 
  • Soul Mass Transit System 
    Need Someone
  • Bilund The Kid
    U So Fine
  • The Phat Controlla
    Can’t Get Enough
  • Wen, Wilfy 
    Never 4Get
  • Toni Braxton 
    You're Makin' Me High (Radio Edit)
  • DJ Co.Kr
    TOM (Stones Taro Remix)
  • SP:MC 
    All Night
  • Yourboykiran
    Throw Your Hands In The Air