Kiss Cafe w/ Piper Durabo

Los Angeles, 20.08.19

Piper Durabo AKA Maraschino serves up an assortment of hyperdelic jams from the L.A. studio


  • Miss
    Hip Hop
  • Data ( Scott Blackwell mix )
  • New Composers
    Don Juan '89
  • Saâda Bonaire
    The Facts
  • Spokes H
    Peace Magnets
  • Isabelle Antena
    Laying On The Sofa
  • Logo
    Businessmen (12" Version)
  • Electrodelia
    Visions Of Electrobombay
  • Nikolai Kopernik
    You're Far Away
  • Baffo Banfi
    Quelle Dolce Estate Sul Pianeta Venere
  • C. Memi
    Heavenly Peace (Unga No Suimon Akete)

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