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Soundsystem Showcase: Black Obsidian

London, 28.08.20

Black Obsidian Sound System was established in the summer of 2018 with the intention of bringing together a community of queer, trans and non binary people of colour involved in art, sound and radical activism. Following in the legacies of sound system culture we wanted to learn, build and sustain a resource for our collective struggles. The system, based in London, will be available to use or rent by community groups and others with the purpose of amplifying and connecting us.


  • HoodCelebrityy
    Bad Gyal Ting
  • Lady Saw
  • Tifa
  • J Capri
    Lyrics To The Song
  • Gaza Slim
    Independent Ladies
  • Cadenza, Ms. Banks, Spice
    Walk Out
  • Sheensea
    Rude Gyal
  • Amelia Monét Ft. Br3yna
  • Kaakie
    Too Much
  • Shannon
    Mal à Dit
  • Nessa Preppy
    Issa Snack
  • Starr Perez
    No Musty Man
  • Kisha
    Cause Problem
  • Alison Hinds
    Wine & Bounce
  • Patrice Roberts
    No Lazy Body
  • Dj Spider
    Big Yam Riddim
  • Spice & Pamputae
    Slim Vs Fluffy
  • Temptress
  • Miss TC
  • Donella Weekes
    No Man Behind Me
  • Temptress
    Ah Doh Have