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Post-Geography w/ More Eaze

Los Angeles, 22.04.21

Nick Malkin hosts Post-Geography, featuring ambient and atmospheric selections, live from the NTS studio in L.A.


  • Robert Ashley 
    String Quartet Describing The Motions Of Large Real Bodies
  • Field Recording
    Field Recording Of Yard
  • Brin 
    Alone Jazz On Safari
  • Lighght
  • More Eaze
  • Sawako 
    Incense Of Voice
  • sv1, 00ff1a 
    Rusted ◌
  • Dialect
    Avert Yr Path
  • Microstoria 
    File Care
  • Patrick Shiroishi 
    Never Again Is Now
  • Dntel 
    Movie Tears
  • Aylu
  • Claire Rousay And More Eaze
    Separate Beds
  • Field Recording
    Field Recording Of Claire’s House
  • H Hunt 
    Having A Bath
  • Mister Lies 
    News From Home
  • Anne Guthrie 
    Variation On Coral
  • Bellows 
  • Sharp Veins 
    Cell Devotion
  • Teresa Winter 
    Touch My Soul, Pray For My Body
  • M. Sage, Spinnaker Ensemble 
    Zephyr: Ponderosa Pollen
  • Giant Claw
    Loner Bug 2021
    Good Night, I Hope The Future Brings You Only The Best!
  • Field Recording
    Field Recording Of Mall
  • M. Sage, Spinnaker Ensemble 
    Starboard Reach