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Gong Sounds w/ 4th Spaceman

Los Angeles, 18.07.22

Oddball fashion label PRMTVO play whatever they please for an hour every month…


  • Yusek
    How I Love To Dance
  • DJ Shiikisai
    Boog Weez
  • The Jets 
    Sending All My Love
  • BiBi Flash
    Vie Privée (Tucan Discos Edit)
  • Touch Down
  • Hector Zeroni
    Nova York
  • Physical Therapy, Kirk The Flirt, Peter Pressure 
    Temple Grandin
  • Lower Haight Disco Club
  • Butch Le Butch
    Shoulda Went Dancin
  • Moodena 
    Strawberry Jam
  • Nick Holder 
    Disco '79
  • Kleeer 
    I Love To Dance
  • Love Come Down
    The Other Side Of Midnight