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Prosumer w/ Deaf Joe

Edinburgh, 31.08.21

With Prosumer

Berlin techno aficionado Prosumer lays it out for all the wannabes. A harmonious lecture in house and soul, Prosumer’s here to share.


  • Aphex Twin
  • Johann Johansson
    An Injury To One IS The Concern Of All Pt. 3
  • Max Richter 
    Song / Echo
  • Mychael Danna
    Elena Shoplifts
  • Aphex Twin (Philip Glass mix) 
    Icct Hedral (Phillip Glass Orchestration)
  • Hanna Peel
  • David Fennessy
    This Is How It Feels (Another Bolero)
  • Linda Buckley 
  • Ann Cleare
  • Sam Perkin
  • Christopher Bissonnette 
    Comfortable Expectations
  • Bohren & Der Club Of Gore 
    Segeln Ohne Wind
  • Brian Eno 
    Fullness Of Wind
  • Susumu Yokota 
    The Plateau Which The Zephyr Of Flora Occupies
  • Johann Johansson
    Horns Of Abraxas