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Questing w/ Zakia

London, 19.06.21

Join the Quest with Zakia Sewell every Saturday morning for spiritual jazz, folk, psychedelia and other celestial sounds from across the planet.


  • The Norman Luboff Choir 
  • Mary Lou Wiliams
    The Devil
  • Bularian State Radio & Television Vocal Choir
    Kaval Sviri
  • voces8 
    Pyramid Song
  • Ernst Pfänlder
  • Pygmees Of North Congo
    Yeli (No.3)
  • Onyito School Choir 
    Olenyo Ber Neno Nyar Oganda
  • Ambuya Nyati
    Chipo Wazara, Spiwe Juma
  • Willis Proctor, The Georgia Sea Island Singers 
    You Got My Letter
  • Fairfield Four
    In The Old Time Way
  • Ella Jenkins, The Goodwill Spiritual Choir Of The Monumental Baptist Church 
    Wade In The Water
  • Delta Rhythm Boys
    Work Song
  • The Fleetwoods 
    Unchained Melody
  • Wendy & Bonnie 
    Children Laughing
  • David Crosby 
    Tamalpais High (At About 3)
  • Floating House Band
    It Won't Be Easy
  • The Beach Boys 
    Surf's Up
  • Eric Chale, Ilona Chale, Michel Moers 
    Passé Dedans
  • Beacon Sound Choir
    Drone 3
  • Nabihah Iqbal & Libby Heaney
    Whole Earth Chanting (Excerpt 1)
  • Ruth Goller
    What's Up Is Not What’s Real Most Of The Time
  • WOOM
    Walk (Sonny 404 Remix)
  • Dean Blunt 
  • Aden
    Body Prompt
  • Collage 
    Mets Neidude Vahel
  • Damily 
  • Third World 
  • The Paragons, Roslyn Sweat 
    Blackbird Singing
  • Johnny Collins
  • The Helen Hollins Singers 
    Jesus Will Give You Love
  • Ahemaa Nwomkro
    Nsem Nyinaa Nyame
  • Grand Union
    It's A Wonderful World (12" Remix)
  • Foster Manganyi 
    Ndzi To Tiyisela