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New York, 19.04.21

New York based artist and musician Rahill selects a monthly medley of picks from her record collection, rooted in US jazz, with soul, folk and international sounds.


  • Lonnie Liston Smith 
  • Miles Davis Quintet
    It Never Entered My Mind
  • Michael White 
    Praise Innocence
  • Sphere 
    Inside Ourselves
  • Muhal Richard Abrams
    Battle For New Soul
  • The Cosmic Twins 
    A Letter To Mom
  • Pharoah Saunders Feat. Leon Thomas
    Sun Song
  • Gibson Kente 
  • Sons And Daughters Of Lite
    Ju Jus Door
  • Griot Galaxy
    After Dream
  • Laurie Anderson 
    Born, Never Asked