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Raji Rags - Gospel Special



Raj Chaudhuri - aka Raji Rags - Boiler Room musical cornerstone and 1/4 of hip-hop collective Livin’ Proof. Raj rustles up a seamless mix that travels from hip-hop, soul, gospel, dusty vinyl gems to the most upfront in beats, electronic music, house and techno. Monthly Fridays, mid-day 'til 2.

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  • John V. Rydgren & Robert Way - What Child Is This
  • The Addicts Rehabilitation Center Choir - Walk With Me
  • Bessie Jones - Buzzard Lope
  • The Addicts Rehabilitation Center Choir - Be Patient
  • The Pilgrim Wonders - You Done What The Doctor Couldn't Do
  • Tommy Sears - Salvation Train
  • The Supreme Jubilees - It'll All Be Over
  • Gladys McFadden & The Loving Sisters - Never Gonna Turn Around
  • Shirley James - I'm a Soldier
  • Inspirational Gospel Singers - The Same Thing It Took
  • The Daytonians - Let Jesus Work It Out
  • The Soul Children - It Hurts Me To My Heart
  • Dorothy Morrison - The Border Song
  • James Bynum - We are in Need
  • Trevor Dandy - Is There Any Love
  • The Singing Stars - Wait On Jesus
  • The East St. Louis Gospelettes - Have Mercy On Me
  • Pastor T. L. Barrett and the Youth For Christ Choir - Nobody Knows
  • Whole Truth - Can You Lose By Following God
  • Doris Ann Allen & The Church Hill Urban Ministry Choir - Who Will Open The Book Of The Seven Seals
  • The Addicts Rehabilitation Center Choir - Rise
  • South West Michigan Choir - Write My Name Above