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Rambo Radio w/ 12manrambo

Oakland, 14.09.23

West Coast Rap tape, cd, and vinyl archives/mixes spanning the mid 80's to early 00's, from San Diego, L.A., Central Valley all the way up to the Bay Area, Sacramento, Northwest and Alaska!

Artwork by: DJ TRIGG


  • Totally Insane 
    What Ya Know
  • Young Life, Mac J 
    Kickin It With Young Life
  • The Youngen Ft. C-Funk & Chunk
    Played By The Industry
  • M.O.G.
    Peep Game
  • Parts Unknown 
    Aud. 1-Another Day In Epa
  • Rated X 
    Be Cool To Your Girl
  • Chunk 
    What Waz I To Do
  • Funk Lab All Stars
    Can You Dig It
  • So Busy Ft. Chunk, Gangsta G, & Crack
    Raw Flow
  • Black Jack 
    Black Nation
  • EPA's Parental Advisory
  • Parts Unknown 
    EPA City
  • C-Funk
    C-Funk Shout Outs
  • Neva Legal Feat. Ad Capone
    Demo Track 1