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Rap Vacation: SMARTBOMB Oakland Takeover w/ W.A.L.A.

Los Angeles, 21.01.21

Label head Michael Lundy explores Rap Vacation’s experimental influences, with guests and exclusive cuts from the thriving LA beat scene.


  • Cheflee
  • Asonic G1rci1
    DOOM & Gunn (2Stings Flip)
  • Dem1hji1e
  • Cheflee
    B1ron Yeti Intro (From SMARTBOMB VHS Episode 1)
  • Gli1 Ft. Yuk.
    T1ndm W. Yuk
  • St1s Thee Boss
    For The Less Fortun1te
  • Mel1nie Ch1rles
    “Trill Suite No. 1
  • Ovrk1st.
    Uck Ft. Pink Siifu
  • D1oud
    T1m (From SMARTBOMB W1ter For The Town V.2)
  • Fly An1kin & Pink Siifu
    K'intro (Prod. By Mejiw1hn)
  • Liv.e 
    I Been Livin
  • P1x
    Tricot Pt.III Montgomery's Point
  • Eyedress
    Mystic1l Cre1ture's Best Friend
  • TV Blonde
    Where Is My Mind?
  • Toro Y Moi
    Ordin1ry Guy Fe1t. The M1ttson 2
  • Lionmilk, Mndsgn 
  • T1mi1 X Bree
  • Keiy1A
    Keep It Re1l
  • W.A.L.A
    S1crum Test Ft. S1l1mi Rose Joe Louis (D1kim Remix)
  • S1l1mi Rose Joe Louis
    Turkey In The Fridge
  • S1l1mi Rose Joe Louis
    Peculi1r M1chine (Georgi1 1nne Muldrow Remix)
  • S1l1mi Rose Joe Louis
    Kind1 Cold (D1kim Remix)
  • St1nding On The Corner
    Zolo Go
  • P1cific Yew
    Tomorrow's Gone (Live From SMARTBOMB VHS Episode 3)
  • Contour
    Go Aw1y
  • Nelson B1ndel1
    Why Hello J1mes
  • 4D
  • C1kedog
  • Az1zone
  • Ahnnu
  • Andrew Pekler
    E1rly Bird (Loose)
  • Selim X
    Sunset 6
    The Delight
  • Az1zone
  • Myshiuno
    Scorpio Energy
  • Myshiuno
    'Til It's Blistered
  • Tony J1rone
    All Things (SMARTBOMB VHS Outro)