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Rap Vacation w/ Daisies

Los Angeles, 29.10.20

Label head Michael Lundy explores Rap Vacation’s experimental influences, with guests and exclusive cuts from the thriving LA beat scene.


  • Quindon Tarver
    Everybody’s Free (Rare Edit Mix)
  • Jimmy Sommerville
  • U2 (The Soul Assassins mix) 
    Numb (The Soul Assassins Mix)
  • Dead Beats
    Made In The Shade + Nas/ Kool G. Rap ‘Fast Life’ Edit
  • Jephté Guillaume 
    The Prayer (Acroostramental)
  • Metro Area 
    The Art Of Hot
  • Khotin (Force Of Nature mix) 
    Aloe Drink
  • Ananda Project (Idjut Boys mix) 
    Moment Before Dreaming (Idjut Boys Dub)
  • Julien Jabre
    Deliverance (Moody Mix)
  • Efdemin
    Parallaxes (Traumprinz’s Over 2 The End Version)
  • Ian Pooley 
  • Vtgnike
    So Confused 2013
  • 2000F, J Kamata 
    You Don't Know What Love Is
  • Second Protocol feat. Sarah D 
    Brand Nu Style
  • Rave 2 The Grave 
    Give A Little Love
  • Blast From The Past
    New Gun (Bass Shaker Mix)
  • Foul Play (Nookie mix) 
    Open Your Mind (Nookie Remix)
  • Orca 
  • Knite Force
    MegaMix Pt. 2
  • Sarah McLachlan (BT mix) 
    I Love You (BT Mix)
  • Sarah McLachlan (Junkie XL mix) 
    World On Fire (Junkie XL Club Mix)
  • BT (Mood II Swing mix) 
    Remember (Mood II Swing Remix)
  • Omni Trio (Neil Trix mix) 
    Living For The Future (FBD Project VIP Mix)
  • DJ Rashad feat. Spinn 
    Let U No
  • Stereo Out
    Take My Breath Away (NTS 2020 Edit)
  • Scarface feat. Devin, Ice Cube 
    Hand Of The Dead Body
  • Sarah McLachlan (Roni Size mix) 
    Sweet Surrender (Roni Size Dub Mix)
  • Woodstock (Rhythm Quest mix) 
    Feeling Groovy (Power Flower Mix)
  • Sky Joose 
    Spacin Out
  • Cloud 9 
    You Got Me Burnin' (Original Mix)
  • Three 6 Mafia feat. Eightball & MJG, Young Buck 
    Stay Fly (Instrumental)
  • RP Boo
    U-Don't Know
  • Jay-Z 
    Jigga What? (Instrumental)